Single Syringe Legionella Test Kit

The Single Syringe Test Kit is very flexible and highly sensitive. It detects Legionella at concentrations as low as 100 CFU/L. The Kit is very easy to use and allows water testing from any source such as domestic and industrial hot and cold water systems, cooling towers, decorative fountains, hot tubs and pools, sinks and showers, misters, sprinklers, air washers, humidifiers and others.

Because of its high sensitivity, it is recommended for higher risk industries and applications such as healthcare, hospitality, cooling towers, spa pools and others.


Highly Sensitive test
Sample Type: Water collected from any source
Sample Volume: 250 ml
Sensitivity: 100CFU/L
Pack Size: 1
Part no: 100198






Single Rapid Legionella Test kit


  • The most flexible kit in the Hydrosense product range.
  • The test is simple to use, no interpretation is required.
  • No need to measure or dilute solutions.
  • Provides straightforward results, on-site, within 25–35 minutes.
  • The test helps to minimise delays and downtime.
  • Regular use increases confidence in Legionella controls.
  • The smartphone App reader provides an independent record of results.

Why use the Hydrosense Legionella Test?

  • It provides an immediate picture of Legionella contamination risk, which allows you to make quicker, better-informed decisions about improving water quality.
  • The rapid test helps you to maintain high service standards and protects you from reputational damage.
  • The test helps to reduce public and employee health risk by minimising the time taken to identify Legionella.
  • Recording test information while analysing data helps to create a complete picture of Legionella contamination risk and a roadmap to prevent future outbreaks.
  • This responsible approach is not only the right thing to do, but it is also smart for your organisation. Long lawsuits, huge fines and reputational damage following an outbreak can quickly destroy your business.


Shelf Life

18 months from the date of manufacture.


Technical Information 

For specificity and technical information please see the documents below.

Download: Single Syringe Legionella Test Kit Data Sheet 

Download: Single Syringe Legionella Test Kit Instruction Leaflet